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"S​​​​​​​​aving the Wild Relatives of the Horse" 

        Perissodactyla Conservation                   Symposium & Fundraiser 


PCS will join together experts in the fields of equine and wild animal behavior, training, veterinary medicine, ecology, zoology, nutrition, reproduction, etc., all under one roof. PCS consists of a three day series of scientific lectures and round tables (at a conference center/hotel) followed by a one day training & behavior workshop (½ day at Lion Country Safari and ½ day at a Wellington horse farm). It is scheduled for February 26-March 1, 2018 in West Palm Beach/Wellington.

The 3 main goals of PCS and the fundraiser are:

  1. to foster education and communication between the equestrian and the zoo/wildlife communities in order to improve our understanding and care of both domestic equids and their wild relatives.
  2. to provide CE credits for veterinarians and other professionals.
  3. to create a funding stream for the conservation of some of the most ecologically threatened and biodiverse regions on the planet.

We are also planning a fundraising silent auction/banquet at Lion Country Safari, inviting PCS attendees, equestrians and the general public. Any profits will go directly to 2 particular conservation NPOs, International Rhino Foundation and Tapir Specialist Group Conservation Fund. The funds will be slated for protection of two of the most biodiverse, yet critically threatened ecosystems on earth, Andean cloud forests and Indonesian rainforests. 

​More details including registration, vendor information, etc. will be available soon.