‚Äč3. PPF will locate funding for these projects,           through public education and particularly by       obtaining support from the equestrian                 community.

4. PPF will plan and conduct Perissodactyla           Conservation Symposium, to educate and           connect Equine professionals (veterinarians,       trainers,etc) with Zoo/ Wildlife professionals       to promote conservation and more  

perissodactyla preservation fund


mission statement 


The primary goal of PPF is to promote the conservation of global biodiversity by targeting conservation of the wild relatives of the horse. These include wild equids and also rhinos and tapirs, who together comprise the Order: Perissodactyla, the "odd-toed" ungulates (hooved animals).







How will this be achieved?

  1. PPF will act as a catalyst for the strategic funding of organizations and projects that most directly affect the conservation of wild Perissodactyla species and the habitats that sustain them.
  2. PPF will identify specific projects being conducted or funded by the "supported organizations"