Why Perissodactyla conservation?

  • Of the 16 wild Perissodactyla species, 13 are threatened with extinction. This includes 6 of 7 equid species, 4 of 5 rhino species and 3 of 4 tapir species.
  • They are large, charismatic ambassadors for their species and for their natural habitats.
  • As some of the largest megavertebrates in their respective ecosystems, they play crucial roles as keystone species through seed and nutrient (manure and urine) dispersal, affecting a wide variety of other species.
  • Most Perissodactyla species occur in some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on earth.  
  • By conserving them in the wild, their whole ecosystems may also be conserved, by bringing public attention and increased protection to both.



The primary goal of Perissodactyla Preservation Fund (PPF) is to impact global biodiversity positively by promoting the conservation of the closest wild relatives of the horse and the ecosystems that sustain them. The taxonomic Order: Perissodactyla, includes equids (horse family), rhinos and tapirs. 

As a vehicle to achieve this, we are planning an educational symposium, ie. “Perissodactyla Conservation Symposium”, to be held in West Palm Beach, FL in late February, 2019.

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"Dedicated to the Conservation of global biodiversity through perissodactyla conservation"


Perissodactyla Conservation Symposium postponed to 2019​​